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Hi there!

First let me welcome you to, the piece of internet where I (Patrick Dankers, nice to meet you!) profile myself and where I regularly give a glimpse of the state of affairs in my life, work and the projects I’m involved in. 

To guide you in a bird’s-eye about what you will find on this website;

More about Patrick Dankers

  • News;
    Honesty first; I have recently spent too little time (read actually) on news items for this website. But that is what I want to change now (September 2018). If that does not work … point me out … I have quite some fun writing / telling that I’m sure.

  • About me;
    My “great” attempt to tell something about myself (I hate that!). But I hope you do something about it, comments / feedback are always welcome!

  • CV;
    Always the most up-to-date version of the Curriculum vitae of the undersigned. Versions on other mediums can unfortunately be somewhat overdue. In short, I am always open for fun challenges but I decide whether what you have in mind is interesting to me!

  • Services;
    Other people say I am someone with a good listening ear and partly because of my experiences (in terms of work and hobby) someone who can offer good advice (or services) in the form of (SEO)consultancy or in the field of (party) photography .

  • Projects;
    Let’s face it, I sit next to my social life and my work not exactly quiet, therefore I have also created several own projects including most notably and PFSquad.NU. If you have some time left, take a look at one of them!

    If you ever have an idea / project where you suspect that I can mean something, then of course I would like to hear that.

  • Contact;
    The way, outside of social media, to contact me directly about your questions, comments / feedback etc. regarding this website, my projects or me in general.


For everyone who knows me, it comes as no surprise that I use this website in both Dutch and English. Because of my passions, work, relationships etc. I have quite a few acquaintances outside the Netherlands. As a result, I speak (or type) a lot in English and it is even sometimes that in a conversation I can suddenly switch from Dutch to English and back again.

For those people who are better English, for me also to keep a sharp eye on translation etc. So there is also an English version of all the content on this website.

Questions / remarks / feedback etc

If you want to contact me on the basis of my website or whatever questions / comments / feedback or whatever I am involved with, do so, I will always ensure that you get a response as soon as possible .

So in short; a personal blog with a personal touch!