With the help of the form below you can contact me if you have questions, comments, suggestions / ideas or complaints concerning my website or regarding other services or projects that I am involved in.

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Please DO NOT use this form for matters directly related to PFSquad.NU.
For such matters you can use: https://pfsquad.nu/help/contact or one of the other forms that you can find at: https://pfsquad.nu/help/formulieren 

I kindly request you to make requests for shoots on behalf of PFSquad.NU via the corresponding form on PFSquad.NU. Do not get me wrong I think it’s great that they also come in via my own website but the form on PFSquad.NU is completely tailored to all possible issues (reimbursement, event information and other things we need as PFSquad.NU etc. ) to answer directly.

That saves communication back and forth about all these components because they are not specifically requested on this form. It is therefore best to use this form: https://pfsquad.nu/help/formulieren/vraag-pfsquad-nu-fotograaf-aan 

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Get in touch

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