2021 we are going all out again!

Once again it did not happen, yes yes the structural update of my personal blog. But 2020 was a very weird year as everyone knows. by now But I still want to make some room to look back to 2020 and especially to what is planned for 2021.

2020 vs 2021

At the beginning of 2020 I got off to a good start with a monthly blog / update about how I look at certain things from an SEO point of view. Whether that was brand / tone of voice, how to treat reviews, etc. And to break into that for a while; I want to do this a lot more in 2021.

Because I like to express my opinion on such matters, and where it doesn’t always happen now, I believe it can help people, so that’s a promise that I will make more time for this . (And as everyone knows, time is my worst enemy)


February 2020 I started at J. Ottenheijm.com in my hometown Helmond. I really like it and the time has flown by so fast, I can’t actually imagine that I have been working there for almost 1 year already.

But when time flies, it usually means having a good time, and that’s certainly the case. Nice work, nice customers and a nice AND good team of people who ‘get it’.


As J. Ottenheijm.com, we have already seen enormous growth in the work we do in the field of SEO , and that will only increase in 2021. Things are going so well in that field that we are also looking at people who can support me in this. 1 so that we can actually get everything done, 2 so that I also can focus on deeper / technical SEO matters, but also 3 so that I keep room to train people in terms of SEO.


In addition to that, I have explored various directions from IT in my work career. For example, my knowledge of hosting and servers has ensured that, after some pilots, we now also offer, set up, manage / maintain other servers specifically for customers. Just so that they have an even better experience in terms of workflow but also in terms of customer experience.

So yes I also think the latter is great to do, but everything takes time (I already said that time is my enemy). In that area too, I have to make sure that not only myself can do the necessary in terms of those servers, so there is also some training / documentation involved.

Sharing knowledge whether it concerns SEO or hosting … it is something that will take you further as a person and as a team. Do not keep knowledge to yourself, but make it so  that sharing it gives you space to do even more!


Of course I don’t sit still outside of work, because my own projects also cost me a quite some time, but that is also normal.


Where do I start, phew maybe referring the changelog is a good one (even if it hasn’t been updated for a few months); https://www.nintendoreporters.com/information/changelog/

But things are actually going really well with NintendoReporters. We have a good constant flow of news items, rumors and releases . We have had several exclusive interviews . In terms of reviews, previews, retro and manuals we really have to grow.

Polls will really get more attention in 2021, because they have received too little attention, that’s for sure. After the first quarter of 2020, we left Contests for what it is with everything that happened in the world. I want to pick these up again in January / February 2021 , so keep your eyes focused on NintendoReporters.

But beyond that, it runs and does very well and we  have very nice interactions with users, developers, game shops etc .

2021 is going to be a really cool year for NintendoReporters!


The project resulting from something I wanted for NintendoReporters, NintendoCollectionSystem , is now online in a semi-beta form, see; https://www.nintendocollectionsystem.com/ But it is still far from what I ultimately want to do and achieve with it. But for NintendoReporters, as it stands now in terms of possibilities is certainly an addition.

In 2021, NCS will definitely go out of beta and hopefully be a great addition for anyone who loves Nintendo.


Ok 2020 was not all fun, especially when it comes to PFSquad . You can read the whole story here; https://pfsquad.nu/ . But restoring all content just takes an awful lot of time. And as may be clear by now; I just don’t have enough time to do everything as quickly as I would like. Because in addition to everything, you also have life itself, which in so many cases requires time

To at least give an update, the photos from 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 are available again . We are currently working on 2014, after which the rest will follow.

Some people say why all this trouble for old photos? Well, PFSquad’s motto has always been ‘ Putting smiles on faces is what we do! ‘. And even though we as PFSquad don’t shoot new photos anymore, memories do just that! So I’ll continue to work to make sure it all comes back in 2021.


Enough about work and projects, how am I myself doing. Well actually very well, busy as everyone who knows m and busy as can be seen above. But I really like it like that. Both parents are doing well so everything is just going great.

Maybe a nice thing to note though, everyone knows me as a Nintendo child, some would even say fanboy, but December 2020 something unique happened. For the first time in my life I bought a Microsoft console. Yes the Xbox Series X .

Why? Well a few reasons actually;

  • Backward compatible with almost the entire Xbox game library. But in addition to back compatibility, also better loading times, Auto HDR and the like for these titles.
  • Out of the box it offers a developer mode , which you can use with a small one-time cost (19 $). Think of running custom code, own code, etc.
  • Dev mode could provide emulation, and apparently that is also possible on retail, so I can go from RetroArch ( https://www.retroarch.com/ ) and then simply in an Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Xbox 360 or Xbox title.
  • Quick-resume; what can I say, I game very diverse. Being able to jump from in-game A to in-game B in a handful of seconds is crazy but in a damn good way. Not perfect yet … I’m going to be honest about that, but if it works, maybe the killer feature of Xbox right now.

So that also takes time. Time that is scarce for everything, but hey I always seems to make it work to some degree.


Haha yes you know, I tried to keep that promise in 2020, but I always promised things in that regard. In 2021 I will do that differently, for 2021 I will not promise anything in terms of how often, etc. But I will focus more on tech topics for the updates that will definitely come. That does not mean that there will never be an update about projects etc.

Personal updates

If you want more details about how things are going personally, just follow me on socials;

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/patrickdankers1985
LinkendIn; https://en.linkedin.com/in/patrickdankers1985

Actually, I don’t Twitter very much, so I’ll leave that out.

Furthermore if you know me personally you can best APP or DISCORD (or MAIL) me. That’s the best way to get a hold of me. I try to do as little as possible when it comes to phones because I am almost always busy with something and with the phone all the attention is gone when that goes. If you really need to speak to me or something APP / DISCORD and if necessary we will get on a call of course, no problem.

In life, time is the enemy I am constantly fighting with, nobody else, only time.

For now all the best wishes, yes I am late as fuck with that but you all know what I wish for you and that is nothing but the outmost best! See you soon and let’s make 2021 something that we all enjoy!

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