Multilingual – It’s almost a must!

Since I am finally making room to revise this website, it is time to make it multilingual as well. Soon you can also view everything in English.

Why multilingual?

Not everyone understands why I would like to make this website multilingual. Because what is wrong with Dutch? Nothing at all to be precise!

But since I speak a lot of English myself and secretly have a lot of English relations (via NintendoReporters, PFSquad, work etc.) it seems a good thing to do to me. This way, these relationships can approach me more easily but also find me.

That finding has an extra dimension to it; it is also sometimes easier for possible job openings, projects etc. to know that you can handle yourself well in English.

For example, I have been approached several times by foreign and domestic parties in English with jobs that would suit me, and no, I do not really mean those unwanted mails / phone calls. So there is simply a certain demand for it.

In addition, I do not mind creating content in two languages. It keeps me sharp in the field of translations, something that is always on the agenda, especially for my NintendoReporters.


You can only offer your content in Dutch, but if your market or target group / demography is also in a different language, it is certainly advisable to provide in their language. Mind you, it involves the necessary work and that you must be able to act upon or make profitable in the case of a company.

Status of translations

At this moment I have translated all pages of this website but I also want to process the previous blog items in retrospect. After that it will all go nicely in sync. I expect that all of the blog items might be translated this week.

I will give as little all-systems go if that is the case!

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