Status update May 2020 – NintendoReporters, J., corona etc.

Yes I am not going to say it isn’t true, updates on my personal blog are always more or less a hit and miss. I’m just simply very busy and really have to push myself to post an update here.

Today is another such moment … so let’s just dive in;

What is happening May 2020?

In short; quite a lot of things. Let’s start with some logical things there;

Hobby (or more than that); NintendoReporters

My passion project NintendoReporters, which I created after deciding to leave PFSquad.NU for what it is for a variety of reasons, has made it busier than ever.

NintendoReportersRegarding PFSquad.NU a small footnote
No regrets about my earlier decision to put that on the back burner.

Growing constantly

In short, the growth that the medium has experienced in recent times continues to pleasantly surprise me. Having said that it is still growing steadily and there are always nice challenges that I also like to solve. Let alone that they are also interesting as new knowledge that I can also take to work.

To name a few numbers and facts;

In short, it really going well with NintendoReporters.

But I also still have a lot of ideas for it, including something that will keep me busy for the rest of the year. (In short, a collection system for all games ever released on any Nintendo system).

In addition (and on the advice of so many people in the meantime) I will also look at what is possible to get something more out of it. Secretly, this hobby costs quite a bit of time and money, without me actually earning anything back outside of all the nice feedback.

I also think that the medium has already proven itself reasonably so that we can also see if we can do something with Nintendo Netherlands. But we’re going to see where that takes us.

Work –


For now enough about my passion project and let’s switch to the work that I can do via Since mid-February 2020, I have joined this team of wonderful people and I have been able to work for a whole range of customers.

One of the things that I really like besides that J. is located in my hometown is that I work with customers who are also directly in my region. As a result, we can often switch directly with these customers and we do not have to deal with an in-between, indirect contact via email or a teleconference service. Please understand me correctly here, there is nothing wrong with that BUT I like it so much better to be able to sit down with a customer and  getting to understand how we can get the best out of his / her medium together.

Now that is sometimes more difficult in the current corona situation, but we are very flexible at J.

But why would I rather have a sit-down with a customer?

I am much more a person of the question behind the question and working together to find the most ideal and practical interpretation possible, then having to find that out a later time. But some customers have likely already noticed that. It just makes me happy when I can really help them; whether it is about making things more tangible or, for example, making a process or working method more easy for them.

If you are looking for a company that is honest about his or her in the field of online or offline, feel free to reach out to me or one of my colleagues at  J. Why do I say honest? For example we are not the biggest experts when it comes to SEA, and therefor we do not claim to be that.

In short, I have been there for about 4 months now and I think the work, my colleagues, the customers … everything is nothing short of great. In addition, it is ideal that I can be at the office within 10 minutes … how many people can say that?



In all honesty, it’s really something this whole corona situation. A lot of limitations, a lot of ‘hassle’ … but where possible I try to stay very sober about it. Whether it’s for  business or in daily life. But it affects people in so many ways that you have to think about that.

In terms of work; at J. we have worked for a long time with a part of the team at the office and a part working  from home. In general, that is of course not a problem, but you will notice that it is easier to get things done when everyone is there. But with this in mind, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that everyone can be present again soon.

I think it is especially an exciting time in view of the easings that are coming and which all seem to  go different ways per country. My mother planned to go on holiday to Spain in June … is that possible and is it a true holiday then? My father has of course experienced a lot in the past year … what does that mean for him?

Regarding my dad; he is doing great by the way, he does get tired a bit faster but in fact he can do everything and I am very happy about that. He is as level-headed as I myself am and will not look up the crowds unnecessarily.

Regarding my mother; Well I actually gave her the advice, don’t take your vacation. Because imagine you can go, do you have to wear a mask on your way there? And in the hotel too? And what more limitations are there? But she still has to choose what she wants do do herself.

How am I doing myself? What shall I say, I’ve always been a bit on my own for that matter so I might not see it as something that changes a lot for me personally. But I do think how or what is possible in view of possible threats.

But this update should do it for now. In closing; Patrick is just as busy as ever. For now pay attention to yourself and each other, until the next, probably way to long of , update again! #staysafe #staystrong


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