2017 until now in a nutshell and beyond

It seems like forever that I have done an update on my own blog. That maybe not yet be the case but the update is long overdue. Unfortunately I have not gotten through to it for a lot of reasons, below in a nutshell why, but also what’s coming.

In the previous message I had indicated that the roads of myself and Scherponline were separating. Perhaps the easiest way to first take that bridge then.

Quest for a new job

Baan Zoeken

In mid-June 2017 I started a search for a new job where I can express my passion for SEO / WSO, development. Everyone can relate to the moment when you place your CV again on mediums such as Werk.nl, Indeed, Monsterboard, Linkedin etc.

The day that I had done it was really just the spiraling out of control with interest, I have never (and then I count the work where I have concrete support have done as well) as many headhunters, intermediars, agencies, you name it, in one day talking about so many different functions that might suit me.

There were of course a number of things that just do not directly fit me, I am not the easiest candidate; I know about what I want to do but also know very well what I do not want. There were also a number of parties that seemed interesting but on the basis of the follow-up discussion I could really say whether we would be a match for each other. At some parties I noticed that I might not be the right piece because I am naturally very challenge-driven and especially on the aspect of I always want to have a new puzzle that I can bite into.

Eventually, a number of parties remained with which I had a good feeling, where, to the extent that you can estimate this in advance, I would work well, etc.


Logo LanthopusX

LanthopusX (in Veghel) was one of the first parties that approached me without the intervention of ‘third parties’. In terms of travel time ideal (almost 1 straight road), once not the side of the vicinity Eindhoven (also a first). But much more important than that, from the very first conversation I felt good about the people I spoke to, the team that I had briefly seen, but also how we looked at certain things in combination.

I also liked the fun in the selection procedure of LanthopusX the so-called ‘Belbin’ test. A test that gives you insight into how you see yourself in a working environment but also how others see you. I have asked a number of acquaintances, former colleagues etc to help with this and according to that test there was a match between me and LanthopusX.

After that, in the first week of July, everything could close briefly in terms of contract, etc. Long story short, I’m going to start (September 1, 2017) at LanthopusX as an SEO / WSO specialist and Developer. In any case, I am really looking forward to it!

Mid-June – Now

Starting September 1 means that there should still be room for other things in the meantime? Yes, let’s just walk through it in a nutshell and where necessary explain;

  • 30 June – Last day at Scherponline;
    With the team despite the fact that it was my last day there was a nice completion indicated. I wish Scherponline and everyone there the best again!
  • July 12 – Saying goodbye to grandmother in the hospital
  • July 19 – Funeral grandmother
  • August 08 – Birthday – 32 time flies again, was fun.

All in all, these are just the most important points, but also because of the time to get started with LanthopusX also a lot of time invested in the Nintendo Switch and PFSquad.

Gaming releted

Botw 100 Percent Completed

I can finally say that The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild is 100% ready (both normal and master mode and I mean everything) … before the Champion’s Ballad DLC comes out in the winter.

I have been able to welcome new games in Arms, Splatoon 2 and most recently Sonic Mania.

To alternate BOTW I have also been able to make the necessary meters with both Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.

In addition, from late August to October there will also be pressure with releases such as; Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, WWE 2K18, Pokkén Tournament DX, FIFA 18, Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition and the icing on the cake; Super Mario Odyssey.

In short, in terms of gaming, busy times are coming.

PFSquad related

Everyone who knows me knows that almost all the free time left over in everyday life and gaming is more or less absorbed in PFSquad.NU. And that has certainly been the case in recent times.

There is a big new feature to come (hopefully next week) where we will offer something that none of the competing colleagues do and that is always extra exciting. Preparing many of them has had the necessary feet in the earth, but fortunately we could combine it with another goal that we had in mind. Without giving up too much I can already say that we will do more things in the cloud.

Varnish Cache

Then we have the unscheduled downtime last week as explained on PFSquad.Blog (see: http://pfsquad.blog/nieuws/downtime-ssd-varnish-reconfig ) where I gained a lot of extra knowledge in the field Varnish Cache which now runs on all my own projects and can finally be purged in a good way.

In addition, we are reviewing the current version of PFSquad.NU, sometimes less is more, sometimes certain things can be different. Some of those adjustments you see already, some we have on the backlog.


In the future I also want to use this blog more actively … and therefore also update. Because it just does not taste good when times do not come up. Then you can just as well link it to a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, something I always find a deadly sin because you can create your own unique piece of hosting on your own piece of hosting.

Nice extra

Last week I decided to change some interior design and I decided to add some gaming related art as you can see below;

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