A split up, a new job, a new chance!

In advance I have to make a habit of maintaining this personal blog better. I know, but most will recognize it, life, your job, everything is busy and then this is a side issue, even if it shouldn’t be.

But we are here again with an approach;

Saying goodbye to Lanthopus Resources


Sometimes things go differently than expected. But a split up, a new road, a new job is also a new opportunity! Let’s make something great out of it.

At the beginning of October Lanthopus Resources (where I started in February 2019) informed me that they would like to cancel my contract.

The reason for this is the same reason why I said goodbye to LanthopusX last year; there is too little work in my field. And for everyone who knows me, I really want to be very busy in my field. I am at peace with that it most of the time will not be 100% of my time, but unfortunately those numbers are quite a bit further apart then I would like them to be. Also with an eye to the future, Lanthopus Resources sees no change in that when it comes to the short term.

Because I can relate to that situation myself completely, because well you will notice if your work does not match. We have decided after a good talk that it’s better for both parties to part our ways later this year. On the one hand, it is a shame because it is and will always be a great team, but the work must work out better for a lack of a better terminology, so that it of added value to both parties.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Lanthopus Resources, the entire Lanthopus group and the team all the best!

Soon to be available for a new job!

In short this means that I will be available for a new job starting December 1st, 2019. Are you a party that sees a suitable candidate in me? 

Great but mind you, and I am very honest about that, I want to work somewhere where I really feel at home and where I can contribute and, in particular, continue to work where my real strengths lie.

Dear recruiters / headhunters / employment agencies etc;

This is in advance is a heads-up for recruiters, head hunters, employment agencies and all other parties who contact me without even taking a look at my resume, blog or interests.

I know very well what I do and certainly what I do not want.

What I DO NOT want in a new job;

  • A job that is purely focused on development / development / hosting.
    I really want to continue in the field of my passion for (technical) SEO. It is nice that a bit of development / development / hosting is involved. But the focus must primarily be on SEO.

  • SEA that you dressed up as SEO.
    Advertising on search engines, social media, etc. is part of it, and I can manage the basics of that. But I would not want to be busy 40 hours a week with SEA campaigns. Please never dress up SEA like it is SEO, you will not make me happy as an employee and the company as an employer in the long run.

  • A job on the other side of the Netherlands.
    There are only a few companies for which I would make an exception. But in the past there have been requests to come and work in Leiden, Amsterdam and, for example, Groningen. Although I appreciate the interest, that is simply not realistic in regard to my social life.

  • A job abroad.
    There are really only a select few exceptions for this. I will just mention two of my dream companies abroad; Nintendo and Google. Now I know that the chance that I will be approached by them is somewhat smaller, but you must really have a nice job and a very nice company if you want to get me outside of the Netherlands.

  • If you can’t / won’t share anything upfront about the job.
    I want clarity, and if you find it too difficult to trust me and share that information, then that is a shame, but it will cost us both unnecessary time. If you come up with something that makes me go yes cool, then we will do it through you, no worries.

You have my dream job in your portfolio?

That sounds great, but let’s be honest. I just have to look at like that as well right?
That may sound a bit arrogant, but it is not meant to be. By that I simply mean that it really has to fit.

The work, the conditions, the location, the team … everything must resonate with me as a person and fit my own life, place of residence, obligations etc.

If something resonates with me I will let you know immediately and we can quickly get down to specifics if you want to.

Good intention

I started this item with it and I want to end with it. This week I’m going to write a nice ‘old-fashioned’ item that you can certainly get something out of. What … remains a surprise … but it’s coming soon!

Stay tuned!