A new challenge in my home town!

Yes, it has been a bit quieter here in recent weeks but with good reason. A new challenge is coming my way!

My new challenge – J.Ottenheijm.com

Like people who have followed me on Facebook / Twitter or LinkedIN, I will start tomorrow on a new challenge at J.Ottenheijm.com ( https://jottenheijm.com/ ) which are located in my own home-town of Helmond.

About J.Ottenheijm.com

J.Ottenheijm.com is based in Helmond and has specialized in website design and everything related to it for over 14 years. For example, you can think of a logo, corporate identity and the overall appearance of your website.

But think of things like; websites, web shops, applications, findability, design and much more.

What am I going to do at J.Ottenheijm.com?

I will start there on February 17 (yes tomorrow) as; SEO specialist / web designer / programmer / content creator. Which, of course, is quite a mouthful, but because of my education, work history and personal passions, I am quite diverse, so that matches very well.

But at J.Ottenheijm.com I will focus primarily on everything in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and WSO (Web Site Optimization). This so that we can also ensure that everything is easy to find and that your website runs smoothly!

I look forward to the challenge that this position will offer me and who knows maybe our paths will cross this way! If you have a challenge that would suit me or any of my colleagues, please contact us!

Less blogging

Because I will provide a lot of blogging content for J.Ottenheijm.com, blogging here will probably be a bit less then you might be used to. But that is why I invite everyone to regularly check the J.Ottenheijm.com blog; https://jottenheijm.com/blog/ 

Can you tell that I am looking forward to staring … well I surely can!

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